Risk Assessment

Risk Assessments or Risk Analysis is the process of identifying areas of potential & actual loss and the appropriate development of cost effective countermeasures to nullify the identifiable risks/losses found.

Contained within the approach to any assessment is the concept of security being a comprehensive integrated function positively contributing significantly to a Company’s financial aims and objectives.

The fundamental aim of any risk assessment is the protection of people, facilities, equipment and other assets against reasonably anticipated threats through the unobtrusive utilization of cost effective security, policies and procedures.

Every business and/or industry has it’s own individual exposures to a variety of risks, threats and losses.

In the case of loss, there are two identifiable & distinctive types;  

 Direct and Indirect.

·        Direct losses are more easily identified as being Theft, Fraud, Burglary, Contractual Loss etc….

·        Indirect losses are harder to detect e.g. loss of potential custom, negative staff motivation, disgruntled employees, high staff turnover, bullying, lack of goodwill and loyalty from workforce etc….  

These exposures could be easily identified and determined through the independent observations of an Experienced Security Consultant reviewing and reporting the situation, advising the Client where they are most vulnerable to risks, threats and losses.

Classifying Risks/Threats

Risks and Threats can be classified into three distinctive Classes. They are as follows-:


This class of Risk/Threat can be disastrous in its effect, i.e. in the eventually that it may occur the Company could be put out of business or have its reputation or interest so seriously damaged that its continued existence would be problematic.

Examples of Class A Risks/Threats

·  Serious Fire ·    A prolonged Industrial Dispute ·    A National Crisis (Fuel)·  Terrorist Attack


This class of Risk/Threat can be serious in its effect and can have grave consequences on the Company’s profitability.

 Examples of Class B Risks/Threats

·   Embezzlement /Fraud ·  Adverse Publicity ·   Employee Pilfering & Theft· Robbery

  · Industrial Espionage and Competitor Infiltration


This class of Risk/Threat can be prejudicial to a company and could cause inconvenience, embarrassment or minor recoupable losses.

Examples of Class B Risks/Threats

·   Absenteeism ·   Petty Cash Fraud ·   Disruptive Employees ·   Misuse of Company Vehicles 

Possible Areas of Risk

Dependent on the specific individual risk exposures of each Client some or all of the following areas could be subject to a Risk Assessment Survey and Report

Physical Security                                  

·        Perimeter Fences & Gates          

·        Lighting                                          

·        CCTV

·        Key Control

·        Access Control

·        Video Surveillance

Personal Protection for Executives

·        Office and Residence Security

·        Travel Security

·        Family Protection

Emergency Planning

·        Fire Procedures

·        Bomb Threat Procedures

·        Evacuation & Emergency Planning

·        Hazardous Materials Incidents

Personnel Programs

·        Employee Background Checks

·        Drug & Alcohol Abuse

·        Work Place Violence

·        Employee Training & Security Awareness

Protection of Proprietary Information

·        Information Security

·        Computer Security

·        Open Desk Practices

 Covert or Overt Investigations

·        Internal non-criminal problem resolution

·        Litigation Support

·        Criminal Activity


 Risk Assessment Reports

When carrying out all Risk Assessment Reports we approach and analyse the subject matter as follows-:

·        The Clients desired level of Protection 


·        The actual and present level of protection


·        The most Practical & Cost effective means of nullifying found risks and the prevention of future Risks


By assessing the impact of the Risk against the costs of elimination we are able determine and recommend to the Client the best course of preventative & counteractive actions and measures to take.

Risk x The Severity of Impact  + Probability of Re-Occurrence ¸

The Cost of Eliminating & Nullifying Future Risk = Peace of Mind

By employing our Consultants acting as independent observers they can identify any risks that may be present or pending, and through their impartial approach can recommend to Clients the most cost effective means to rectify and reduce and/or eliminate any risks found, giving the Client an awareness along with the rational means to control and nullify any future risks within their business or private lives.

If you require a professional, fully confidential and reliable security service carried out by experienced, indigenous and expedient security operatives, giving you, the Client a peace of mind in a secure environment, then contact our company for your UK security requirements.

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